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Aadhaar Authentication History- Track Who is Misusing Your Aadhar

What is Aadhaar Authentication History Facility-

By using the Aadhaar Authentication History feature you can now easily track that where your Aadhar Card is being used. The UIDAI has recently launched this facility for Aadhar Card holders. This feature will help you to prevent the misuse of your Aadhar Number.

If your Aadhar Card is used anywhere without your permission, you will now easily track it.

You can track your Aadhaar Authentication History if your Aadhar is used anywhere using these options-

  1. Demographic & Biometric
  2. Demographic Only
  3. Biometric Only
  4. OTP Only
  5. or All above

Who can use this facility?

Everybody who has linked his/ her Aadhar Card with Mobile Number can use this facility. You will receive OTP (One Time Password) while using the feature.

Steps to use Aadhar Authentication History Facility-

Visit the official website of UIDAI i.e. https://uidai.gov.in/ and click on Authentication History Facility link available under the Aadhaar Services column. OR directly visit this link- https://resident.uidai.gov.in/notification-aadhaar

On this link, you will see two boxes as below-Now follow the steps below-

  1. A. Enter UID: Enter your 12 digits aadhar number in this box.
    B. Enter Security Code: Enter the security code in this box, which is appearing near to this box.
  2. Click on the Generate OTP button. (You will now receive a One Time Password from UIDAI through SMS. The SMS will be sent to the mobile number which is registered with UIDAI)
  3. After clicking Generate OTP button, you will be redirected to next page.
  4. Here, first of all you have to choose the “Authentication Type” for which you want to track i.e. Demographic & Biometric, OTP, Demographic Only, Biometric Only, OTP Only or All these.
  5. In next box, select the date range for which you want to track the Aadhar Usage History. You can search history for a maximum of 6 months period.
  6. In next box, select number of records. Here you can enter maximum 50 numbers. The records more than 50 will not be shown in Authentication History report.
  7. Enter the OTP which you have received on your mobile number. (If OTP is not received, wait which you receive it, it may take a few minutes)
  8. Click on Submit button.

You will now see your Aadhar Authentication History Report on the screen. From this report you can easily track if anybody has misused your Aadhaar Number.

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