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Aadhar Bill – 2016

Aadhar Bill has been passed by government in Lok Sabha on 16th March 2016. Now It is mandatory to have Aadhar card to avail the Government Benefits and Financial & Other Subsidies.

On Wednesday, Lok Sabha sanctioned the long waited “Aadhar” Bill. The Key points of Aadhar Bill are as-

Aadhar Bill aims that every resident i.e. person who resides in India for 182 days or more,  is entitled to get his Unique Identity Number named “Aadhar Number” and Delivery of subsidy and other benefits will be provided on the basis of Aadhar Number. Earlier, in October 2015 Supreme Court said in its order that It is voluntary not mandatory to have   Aadhar Card to get the government benefits. But now after passing the Aadhar Bill it becomes mandatory for every citizen to get issued his Aadhar Number before receiving such benefits.

Aadhar Holders Information will be Confidential

The information of  Aadhar Card Holder will remain confidential. Every person is required to submit his Demographic and Biometric Information like Name, Address, Photograph, Finger prints etc.  to get the Aadhar issued. These information will not be provided to anyone except required for National Security. The demographic information of person will not be shared to public before approval of him but the Biometric information will be not be shared even after his approval. A statutory committee will be set up to permit the such authority.

Only in 2 cases, information may be disclosed if-

  1. If it is required to reveal the information in the interest of National Security- Information will be shared on the direction of Joint Secretary in Central Government. A committee comprise of cabinet Secretary and Secretaries of Legal Affairs and Electronics and Information Technology will review the decisions.
  2. Order of Court to reveal the information ( Aadhar Number, Photograph and Demographic Information will be provided)

Fine & Penalty on Contravention-

If a person found engaged in activities related to contravention of rules and unauthorised sharing of information, he will be charged for his offenses-

  1. For violation of rules and unauthorised revealing of information, delinquent may be charged minimum fine of Rs. 10 Lacs and imprisonment upto 3 years.
  2. On failure to comply with the rules, agency may be punished with fine upto Rs. 10000 or 1 Lac or imprisonment upto1 year or both.

The copy of  Aadhar Bill can be downloaded from the official website of Lok Sabha in PDF format. The bill is available both in English and Hindi language.

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