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Aadhar Data Update – Getting Application Form for Correction

Learn Steps to Get Aadhar Card Data Update/ Change Form for Correction in Aadhar Card- For correction in Name, Address, Date of Birth (DOB), Mobile Number, Gender in your Aadhar Card submit the duly filled Aadhar Data Update Form to UIDAI. This form you can send by post directly to UIDAI office, or also can submit it online though UIDAI portal.

How to Fill Aadhar Data Update/ Correction Form-

1. Full Name-

In this field you have to fill your full name. The name should not be written with salutations or titles like Mr./ Ms./ Dr./ Sh./ Smt. etc. The name only should be your first name and last name.

Example Correct Names – Ram Kishan, Manohar Lal, John Herris.

Example Wrong Names – Smt. Kaushalya Devi, Dr. Ashok Sharma.

2. Date of Birth/ Age Column-

In this column write you actual date of birth with month and year in MMDDYYYY format. Note that month and date will be written in 2 digits and year will be written in 4 digits. In case you do not know your date of birth, write your approximate age in years.

3. Address Column-

In this box of Aadhar Data Update form, Mention your Full Address with correct PIN code number in this column. The address should match by the address given in your proof of address document. You can mention any parent/ guardian or any other person name in address, and a special column is also given in the form like- c/o, s/o, d/o, w/o etc. In the other columns mention your address with house number/ building no./ apartment, street no./ road, landmark, Area/ locality/ sector, village or town name, district and sub district if any and state name. In the Landmark column, you have to mention your nearest easily seen building/ place etc.

Relationship Column-

If the child is below 5 years, the details of the guardian, parents, father or mother must be provided. The details should be included the Aadhar Card Number or EID Number.


You will have to show your consent (willingness/ unwillingness) in this column of aadhar data update form.

Bank Account-

This is an optional column in aadhar data update form you may either fill it or leave it blank. However, it is suggested to provide you bank account number in the column, or choose the option to open a new Aadhar Linked Bank Account.

For Documents Based-

This is a column, where you have to mention the name of documents, which you are supplying with the Aadhar Update/ Corection Form. There are 4 different sub columns for POI, POA, POR and DOB in aadhar data update form you will fill up.

Introducer/ HoF-

This column may be used if the candidate does not have any Documents as Address Proof and Identity Proof. In that case the column may be filled up by the Introducer or Head of Family.

After filling the form, send it to the Aadhar Regional Center of UIDAI. After sending the form, you may check your Aadhar Update Status on the UIDAI website. You also can download your updated Aadhar Card through the same website after a few days.

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