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Add/ Register Mobile Number in Aadhar Card – Aadhar Card is a unique ID for every person in India and can be updated online. But, it is found on the time of Enrollment for Aadhar Card, we forget to Add our Mobile Number or Email ID.

Due to this mistake, we can not update or correct our aadhar information online in future. So on the time of Aadhar Card Enrollment, we must Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Enrollment Form. However, by mistake you forget to Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card need not worry.

Below are only 2 solutions for Adding Mobile No. in Aadhar Card –

  1. Download Aadhar Enrollment Form through UIDAI’s website. Send duy filled form to UIDAI’s registered office.
  2. Reach directly to Aadhar Enrollment Center, and file a request to Add your Mobile Number in Aadhar.

Edit/ Change Mobile Number in Aadhar-

You can’t add New Mobile No. in Aadhar Card through online method. But if you have already registered a mobile number with UIDAI, you can Edit it online by following steps-

Add Mobile No. in Aadhar Card

  1. Go through the UIDAI’s Self Service Portal at –
  2. Enter your Mobile Number in the given text box.
  3. Enter the security code and press ‘Send OTP’ button.
  4. Now you can Add your New Mobile Number.
  5. Press Submit Button after Adding Mobile No.

The mobile no. will be updated with in 7 days and you can Download your Aadhar Card with New Mobile Number through the UIDAI’s website. You can also Check Your Aadhar Status whether your new mobile number is updated or not on the same portal.

Updated: August 3, 2016 — 1:51 pm


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  1. Dear Sir,

    My Mobile Number is not Registered with Aadhaar Card.So i would like to register through online so kindly help me to register.

    Thanking you.

  2. sir
    i requst mera name mapharam hai mere aadhar mai mera mobile numbar restration nhi hai esliye aap se request hai ki mera hai usko add kar de
    name : mapharam
    father name :kalaram
    aadhar nu.: 882550376803

  3. U can help me please I forget my mobile no. Which is resisted in the aadhar card. But I want to some changes in aadhar card online. Please you tell me how can I check it my mobile no. And I want change my new mobile no. In aadhar card.

  4. Ham adhar card shudharana chahata hu
    Vill+post malik chala p.s barbigha distinct sheakhpura

  5. I have lost my old mobile and SIM and I would like to update the Mobile number linked with AADHAR card. How can I do it? Can I do this online?

  6. This form is umcomplete .And I want to resister my mobile number

  7. At the time I got the Aadhar card, there was no provision to put mobile no on the card. Now it seems it is required to add mobile no. on the card. so,I feel we should be given a chance to add it online, after confirming the mob no. thru OTP….thanks

  8. Mobile number was not inserted in my adhar card. How to insert it. Can i do it online?

  9. Arun Kumar RAM udypurbthaar p.o bthaar dist madhubani 847231

  10. Dear sir,
    My mobile number is not registered with UIDAI. so i would like to register through online so kindly help me to register.
    Thanking you

  11. i went to this aadhar update center here in my town{Dharmapuri}, i already have my aadhar card and i just needed to add my mobile number and the first two attempts done by the shop owner failed and by third time it was successful and they charged my 50 rupees for this…I feel Robbed.

  12. Dear sir parnam
    Main Md hasnain
    At parsadpur dumaria ps mahalgaon anchal jokihat distrik araria bihar pin 854325
    Mujhe Apna aadhar card main email address
    Aur mobile number save karna hai Jo bilkul nahin hai
    So please help me
    Mere paas aadhar card + enrolment no receiving rajistretion no time sab kuch hai OK
    So please help me now thank you

  13. How to registers my mobile number on aadhar card my self

  14. How to register my mobile number in my aadhar card by online with my self

  15. how to register my mobile number in my aadhar card online

  16. Dear Sir/Madam
    I want to add my mobile no in aadhar card. so what i can do this. please explain me step by step with website .please help me.

  17. Sir main apna aadhar card download nahin kar pa reha hoon because mera mobile no registered nahin hai main apna mobile no kaise registered karoon please help me

  18. Dear Sir/ Mam

    I want to registered my mobile number . so what i can do. please explain me step by step with please help me sir ……

    Thank you

  19. sir, please tell me about how to registered my mobile Number in my aadhar card by online.

  20. Mera nam Mahesh hai lekin delhi me Mohan add. ho. Gaya hai kaise sudharu plz btae

  21. My aadharcard mobile number is to update another mobile number


  23. jaykumar sadanandan

    i want to add my new mobile number as my old mobile number is not active so i will not recieve otp

  24. Hi Sir/Madam,
    I want to registered mobile numbers on my family aadhar card by online. Hence i request you to please guide me the way for update as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Warm Regard

  25. I want to registered my mobile number through online and required to immediate correct my father’s name.what should i do?

  26. Anjusha chandra anju

    Name,anjusha chandra anju
    Address,PER113,railway qtrs
    Constabl roodd

  27. pls help me pls change my mobile no add aadhar card my new number

  28. Samir Kumar Chowdhury

    I am from Kolkata.Is it possible to add my mobile no. at Chennai enrollment center ?Which documents required for that ?

  29. How to update mobile no and email id in aadhar card??~
    Suggest us

  30. This post is just awful , I was very much interested when I read the above statement but it is not helpful at all. Actually I wanted to know how to add mobile number for the first time in adhar through online.

  31. Sir,

    At the time aadhar registration my mummy missed to give mobile no kindly advice how to add my mobile in aadhar card

  32. Sir mera Aadhar card mai mobile number not register kiya gaya hai mobile number registration kese kare sir

  33. Nivedita Chakraborti (Bhattacharya)

    I want to register my Mobile number in my Aadhar Card. If you kindly help me , I am grateful to you.

  34. How to add mobile number in aadhar through online as I had not done yet.

  35. i want to registred my mobile no so what ia can do please sir explain me step by step with website. please

  36. at the time of getting aadhar number i didn’t have mobile number. now i want to include my mobile number in aadhar. please guide me.

  37. When my registered mobile no. service provider is closed then what can i do, how to change my mobile no. in aadhar card. Reliance (CDMA) service provider is closed in bihar SO HOW TO CHANGE MY MOBILE NO.


  39. Hi Sir,

    I have registered my Aadhar Card in bangalore at the time of my working period. But now i have returned to my native ( Salem ). Since I have created the Aadhar card in Bangalore, I gave my Karnataka mobile number in which I am not using it now and literally I forgot the number which I provided 4 years back.

    I need to change me mobile number to my presently using mobile which I am using in TN.

    Please help me by how I can change or update my mobile number in my AAdhar Card??

    Please help sir…

  40. Vaibhav Liladhar Bhandakkar

    i want to register my mobile no. so what i can do. please sir explain me step by step with websitw. its my request please.

  41. link not working . showing below msg
    Your Mobile number is not registered with UIDAI. Kindly visit the nearest enrolment centre for registering your mobile number.

  42. Mobile No. correction (incorrect mobile registered) has been removed through Post. You have to visit Enrolment center for the same.
    If you want you change to new mobile no, you should have old number as well initially to get OTP. Once you enter the OTP and enter, you can change required parameter.

  43. i want to registered my mobile number so what can i do….plz explain me to step by step….

  44. Sir…I want to register my mobile no. so please explain step by step. THANK YOU.

  45. Sanjeev Kumar Agrawal

    I want to register my how can i do online please sir guide me .Its my request sir plz.

  46. your guideline…… 2 solutions for adding mobile no. in aadhaar card is misguiding. No.1 solution of 2 solutions is not entertained as the experience I gathered. Please correct the guideline immediately as the people seeking the service are just wasting time and money both with the provision through POST.

  47. nishikant keshav walekar

    shivshakti nagar tandulwadi road washi ta washi osmanabad maharashtra 413503

  48. Hi team
    Pls help kindly suggest mobile no.registered on my adhar card

  49. Kousinder kumar
    Post _dhandri
    Kelanpur_haridwar. Uttarakhand,-247667

  50. I want to registered my mobile no. so what I can do. please sir explain me step by step with website.It’s my request plz……………………….sir

  51. I sent all the required documents in an envelop through post to RANCHI Center for changing address of all of three members of my family.My son of 10 years had no mobile no. registered with his AADHAAR.
    I and my wife got AADHAAR processed as per checking the site but the case of my son got rejected due to invalid doc.
    I came to know that mobile no.change is not entertained by online as well as by post too. I will have to meet any AADHAAR enrolment Center,that means your above mentioned first point misguiding incumbent.
    Again a question arises that what special importances are there for involving agency, particularly in the case like my one.
    I just understand that an idle day I’ve to spend at enrolment centre because our well thought system demands so.
    Thank you for allowing me to vent my view.

  52. Didn’t give mobile number in aadhar card how to link mobile number with aadhar card

  53. In the said link the page is not showing any tab where to put the new mobile number,….

  54. ziyad alli H.Gaokhadkar

    सर, मैंने आधार कार्ड बनवाने के समय अपना
    मोबाइल नंबर नहीं दिया था, और अब आधार
    कार्ड में नंबर जोड़ना चाहता हूँ। क्या करूँ? Plz
    solve this problems and instruct me.

  55. sir, i want to register my mobile no. on aadhar card.plz add to my mobile no.

  56. Sudhir dattu kamble at post shirala ta paranda dist osmanabad pin code 413502

  57. सर, मैंने आधार कार्ड बनवाने के समय अपना मोबाइल नंबर नहीं दिया था, और अब आधार कार्ड में नंबर जोड़ना चाहता हूँ। क्या करूँ? Plz solve this problems and instruct me.

  58. My adhar card is lost and register mobile number lost … how to get my adhar card ….

  59. I want to register my mobile number on my aadhar.Plz add to my mobile number

  60. I want to register my mobile on my aadhar. I approached aadhar authority through a registered agent and submitted my request 4 times. Each time the request was rejected on technical grounds. These technical grounds were never communicated.

    Unless one is not changing his/her biometrics, name and address he/she should be allowed to register his/her mobile on line.

  61. Father balram yadav mother ramju dev i at jiwachhpur distic madhepura post rupuli pincode 852128

  62. My adhar card is lost. Please help me to give the code number

  63. dhannaram sharma jetharam udasar dhorimanna barmer raj

  64. garm suguti rudu pur ambdkar nagar uttar pardesh – 224152

  65. I did not have registered mobile number and cannot receive OTP.How do i change my moblie noto receive OTP and update Aadhar details

  66. Up unnow garm .mohaddinpur sikanarpur sirosi

  67. I will take a adar card photo,I have adar card acklogment,but not coming adar card in my residential,pernmant address,pls help me

  68. Mobile number cannot be updated by sending update Form by post. You need to personally present at any of your nearest enrolment centre to get it updated. (Even in the new update form does not have the column/option to “update mobile”) – Source: UIDAI customer care

  69. harigawn paruwa .tezpur.assam pin784001 adhar card banna hi nahi hai to ham log docoment keya dewe

  70. I do not have access to my registered mobile no ,and cannot receive OTP, since it was a corporate issued No and i surrendered it on retirement.
    I have shifted residence from New Delhi to Bangalore and have a new mobile no.

    How do i change my mobile no to receive OTP and update Aadhar details?


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