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Benefits of AADHAR CARD – 2016

Benefits of AADHAR CARD

However Aadhar Card is not compulsory for every person. However there are many of benefits of having Aadhar Card. As the Aadhar is free of cost for all Indians, so all must Register for Aadhar Card. A few benefits of aadhar card are as under-

For LPG Subsidy-

If you have already registered with Aadhar, and you have you Unique Aadhar Number, you can link your Aadhar Number with your Bank Account. Your LPG Subsidy Amount will be directly transferred to you Bank Account.

Other Subsidized Schemes-

You can get benefit of other subsidized schemes launched by the Government time to time.

Legal Identity Poof-

Your Aadhar Card is your Unique Identity Proof, no any government or private department can neglect it as your Identity Proof. It may be used in any department or govt/ private office.

Prevent Duplicate or Fake Identification-

Aadhar has a unique QR Code and Number, so it is not possible to create fake Aadhar Card of a person. By this feature no on can theft your identity. We have noticed that other ID cards may be created by with a fake or duplicate identity, but Aadhar can not be created using fake information, if found, can be caught easily by computer.


Aadhar provides various security benefits to Indian citizens. Criminals also can be easily identified through their fingerprints.

Direct to Cash Scheme-

Aadhar Card plays important role in the Direct to Cash scheme being run by the Government of India.

More About Aadhar Card-

As Aadhar is “Aadhar Card”… you should not lost the opportunity to have your AADHAR CARD. Immediately go to an AADHAR CENTER and REGISTER for Aadhar Card.

Anybody even NRIs also can get Aadhar Card. After you are registered with the Aadhar Centre, you can Check your Aadhar Status by entering the Enrollment Number on the UIDAIs website. You can also Download Your Aadhar Card, when it is issued by department.

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