Benefits of AADHAR CARD – 2016

Benefits of AADHAR CARD

However Aadhar Card is not compulsory for every person. However there are many of benefits of having Aadhar Card. As the Aadhar is free of cost for all Indians, so all must Register for Aadhar Card. A few benefits of aadhar card are as under-

For LPG Subsidy-

If you have already registered with Aadhar, and you have you Unique Aadhar Number, you can link your Aadhar Number with your Bank Account. Your LPG Subsidy Amount will be directly transferred to you Bank Account.

Other Subsidized Schemes-

You can get benefit of other subsidized schemes launched by the Government time to time.

Aadhar Card Benifit

Legal Identity Poof-

Your Aadhar Card is your Unique Identity Proof, no any government or private department can neglect it as your Identity Proof. It may be used in any department or govt/ private office.

Prevent Duplicate or Fake Identification-

Aadhar has a unique QR Code and Number, so it is not possible to create fake Aadhar Card of a person. By this feature no on can theft your identity. We have noticed that other ID cards may be created by with a fake or duplicate identity, but Aadhar can not be created using fake information, if found, can be caught easily by computer.Aadhar Card Benefits


Aadhar provides various security benefits to Indian citizens. Criminals also can be easily identified through their fingerprints.

Direct to Cash Scheme-

Aadhar Card plays important role in the Direct to Cash scheme being run by the Government of India.

More About Aadhar Card-

As Aadhar is “Aadhar Card”… you should not lost the opportunity to have your AADHAR CARD. Immediately go to an AADHAR CENTER and REGISTER for Aadhar Card.

Anybody even NRIs also can get Aadhar Card. After you are registered with the Aadhar Centre, you can Check your Aadhar Status by entering the Enrollment Number on the UIDAIs website. You can also Download Your Aadhar Card, when it is issued by department.

Updated: September 18, 2016 — 10:05 am


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  1. There are numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes in the web pages. Please get the proof reading done before publishing.

    Otherwise,info is nicely presented.

  2. address S/O Bachchu, ramngla, ramngla, ramngla, chandpur kalan, mathura, bajna, uttar predesh, 281201

  3. address s/o: Bachchu singh, ramngla, ramngla, chandpur kalan, mathura, bajna, uttar predesh, 281201

  4. Sir Mera name sanatan patra mera aadhar card ayni state odisha ganjam pin 761042

  5. That my mom is not come with a adhar card so plz fast kard given me

  6. my nema hanamantharay Aadhaar no 1067/92427/00078 04/10/2013 13:47:51


    mere brother ka aadhar card nahi ban raha hai uska aadhar card kese banay 3 4 bar aadhar card banwaya hai lakin nahi bana uske uid no.yeh hai 2036/71475/15282/date&TIME 27/02/2016/11;48;12 PLEASE CHEK KARKE REPLY KIJIYGA THANKS SIR

  8. Adhar card is every person compulsory

  9. umesh kumar bharati

    sir hame adhar card ki hard coppy chahiye bay post
    jiska enrollment nambur hai 1067-08169-04646,date and time 08-02-2016 17:06:08 hai name umesh kumar bharati state UP pin code 273202 hai

  10. umesh kumar bharati

    sir mera aadhar card net par janareate ho gaya hai lekin sir hame net ka adhar card janarete nahi chahiye sir hame adhar card ki hard coppy chahiye bay post
    jiska enrolment number hai 10670816904643,08-02-2016-17:06:08 hai name umesh kumar bharati hai state (up)pin code 273202 hai

  11. sir mujhe adhar card senter kholna h iske liye mujhe kya krna pdega

  12. sir mujhe aadhar card senter kholna h iske liye mujhe kya krna pdega sir plzzz

  13. sir mere ko mera eid numbar dena h mere aadhaar card me mob.numbar nahi diya tha

  14. aap apna enrolment no.khud se find kar sakte hai



  15. अशोक लालजी भाई मिठापरा

    Enrollment numher क्या है?
    मेरे आधार कार्ड में तो नहीं

    अक्टूअली मैंने अपना एड्रेस चेंज करने की रेक्विस्ट की थी पर रिसीव गम हो गयी है क्या अब मुझे उसी रेक्विस्ट के तहत मेरे नए एड्रेस वाला आधार कार्ड मिल सकता है?
    अगर हां तो कैसे?

  16. sir,
    i am NRI it cmplsry for me..

  17. satish kumar patel

    plj sir muje aadhar card dekhana

  18. satish kumar patel

    mujea bahut jaruri hai ak id dekhana pata digea

  19. satish kumar patel

    aadhaar hi doniya ko bahut hi ashan bandiya hai
    aap apna id appne pass rakhia

  20. muje aadhar center open karna hai iske liye karna padega

  21. Sir Muje Aadhar Card Centre Open karna hai muje kya karn ahoga

  22. Saroj kumar bhatia

    Mera aadhar card aaj tak nhi mila rasid no.1178/40450/06827date.11/09/2014time11;33;21,saroj kumar bhatia

  23. premprakash prajapati

    my name nisha prajapati adhar card nahi mila

  24. Adhar card centres are charging 200 rs for registration? Are the rules changed or enrollment is still free of charge?


  26. Chongtham Birmangol Singh (Male)

    mujhe apana adhaar card ka status janna chahata he

  27. 1. Saal go gaya mera aadhar card nahi mila

  28. coochbihar

  29. ponthagani shakuntala


  30. D O B mising

  31. D O mising

  32. mujhe apna adders chej karwana hai

  33. Dharmendrasinh Bihola


  34. Mera aadar card me date of birth 03/06/1998 hai but mera birt day hai 18/06/1998 please sudhar kar digiyega mobile no 9709668570

  35. Mera adhr cad nhi bna hai merko adhr cad banana hai

  36. Paokhomang Saimang

    Sir, I would like to registered my

  37. महेश भीमराव पाटिल

    sir mera adhar card nahi aaya hai
    address290 sree ram nagar spinning road kapoor
    Varacha road
    surat gujarat-395006
    name mahesh bhimrao patil
    date 26/06/2015 plz

  38. vnkusz bnii. uda. udni

  39. Mob.nam.8504958715 SUNIL kumar bhag Chandler baroli weir bharatpur Rajasthan pin.cod.nam.321406

  40. Aadar nam.5720 9032 1946 dob.30/12/1993 jaldhi bhej dena aadar card ko

  41. No resive addhar card

  42. Aadhar card kaise banau 7070803342

  43. Aadhar card kaise banau

  44. Pl tell me status of my sons adhar card NONDANI NO.1460/23900/001123
    LOCATION ID.122/391 DATED 18/7/2015. 12.47.17 PUNIT VIRENDRA SHAHA.

  45. H.n.392.mangal wali gali balmiki mahallq .sahibabad ghaziabad.u.p. 201010,

  46. 7753086393

  47. Pplz give me aadhaar card

  48. UID :1111/11981/11548 01/04/2014 19:10:22 PLS SEND STATUS.

  49. May aadhar number se apna I
    nternet pa chake
    Nahi kar pa raha hu upay. Bathya

  50. Pawara Bhaising Sitaram

    Plz sir mera aadhar card nahi aaya hai.
    Help me sir,

    Name- Pawara Bhaising Sitaram
    At.Junadhabapada post Boradi tal Shirpur Dist Dhule ( Maharashtra)
    Pin code. 425428

  51. Rinku address 123 rustampur distt. Kanshiram nagar (up) pin 207243 , M no 9213272192,

    Mara silp gum ho ge he sir help

  52. suhana khatun munwarali teli

    Suhana khatun teli
    Mera slip paoti gum hogeahea

  53. sunny kumar vishvakarma

    vranshi madhuwadil laxmanpuram n12/306d16

  54. mujhe apne aadhar card ka addrass chenje karwna hai ji

  55. Dear, You cab check your Aadhar Card is added or not to UIDAI Database through th UIDAI website under Aadhar Card Status.

  56. subramani varthan

    How to check is add

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