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How to Fill Aadhar Card Application Form?

How to Fill Aadhar Card Application Form- Steps to Fill Registration Form

Fill Aadhar Card Form | Fill Aadhar Card Application Form Online | Steps to Fill Aadhar Card Application Form/ Enrollment Registration form- Firstly get the registration form from any aadhar centre o download it from the UIDAIā€™s website i.e. uidai.gov.in online. The form is also available in multi language i.e. English and one regional language like Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Malyalam etc.

In multi language form, to apply for New Aadhar Card, you may have to fill up the form in both languages. The simple procedure is given as below-

NPR Number-
Write the NPR (National Population Register Survey) number if applicable.

Write your full name with no salutations or titles i.e. Mr./ Mrs/ Smt/ Dr. etc. The name should be same as it is mentioned in your POI (proof of identity). You also need to bring your original identity proof with you in aadhar centre.

Write the Date of Birth in DD/ MM/ YYYY (Date/ Month/ Year) format in this box. In some cases DOB is not available of candidates, in such cases you can write your age in years.

Fill your complete address here. You should also bring your address proof with you, and write the same address in aadhar form which is mentioned in your proof of address. The UIDAI will send your Aadhar Card on this address only. The Delivery Status of Aadhar can be checked also online.

Bank Account- You can choose the option to open a new bank account/ or write the present bank account details, this account number will be linked with your Aadhar Card.

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