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How to Get Aadhar Card?

How to Get Aadhar Card?

Getting Aadhar Card is very easy process. There is no need to fill any form or to ask anybody for filling up the Aadhar Card Application Form. The Apply Process for Aadhar is very easy. You only need to go to any Authorised Aadhar Enrollment Centre of your area/ locality. The executives in the centre will fill up your Aadhar Form their selves.

Process to Get Aadhar Card-

  1. Search out the nearest Aadhar Centre in your locality.
  2. Take Appointment for Aadhar Card Generation/ or directly go to Enrollment Centre.
  3. Bring your Identity Proof/ Address Proof/ Name Change Poof/ Marriage Certificate or any other Valid Proof for Aadhar Generation.
  4. Submit the documents at Aadhar Enrollment Centre.
  5. The Aadhar Card Operator will take your photo and will scan your fingerprints and iris (Eye Scan).

After the process you will get a Enrollment Slip for future reference. The Enrollment slip will contain the Name/ Address/ Date/ Time and other useful information of your Aadhar Card. This slip can be used to Check Your Aadhar Status on internet. You can also Download your E-Aadhar Letter/ E-Aadhar Card using this Enrollment Slip.

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