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Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card/ Epic – Online

Information Related to Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card- You can now link your voter card with Aadhar Card through the online website of www.electoralsearch.in.

To prevent fake voter cards, government has started Linking with Aadhar Card. However Indian Government has started door to door process for Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID Cards.

The Online process also has been introduced by govt. A website named ‘National Voters Services Portal’ has been started. Using this website you can Add Your Aadhar Card Number with your Voter ID Card Online.

Link Aadhar Card with Voter Card (Portal Seeding/ Self Seeding)-

Link aadhar Card with Voter ID- EPIC Aadhar seeding portal has been started for the help of citizens to link their Aadhar with Voter Cards. You can use this portal to enter your Aadhar Number or can also provide the feedback against the Voter (EPIC) Card Number based on the field survey done by BLOs.

What is In-Organic & Organic Seeding-

In Inorganic Seeding you have to verify the EPIC card from the provided matches by the portal. In the other hand the Organic Seeding allows you to enter your Aadhaar number against the Voter Card Number. You can follow the steps below to Link Aadhar with Voter ID Card-

  1. Open the website of National Voters’ Services Portal i.e. electoralsearch.in.
  2. Search your name in online voter list.

You can search you name using 2 methods. First is by Name & Other Details, and second is using EPIC No. (EPIC No. is your Voter ID Card Number).

After entering the details, the list of matching name(s) will be shown as below. You can click on “View Details” button to confirm you details are correct or not.

When you confirm that the details are correct, Click on “Feed Aadhar No.” button. The next form will be shown as below-

Now Enter Your Name, Voter ID Card No., Aadhar No., Mobile Number and Email ID in the required fields as shown below-

  1. In “Select Owner” box, you can choose as Self/ Relative/ Friend or Service Provider as per the convenience.
  2. After filling all details, you can click on the Submit button.
  3. You will receive success message and your Aadhar Card will be linked with Your Voter ID Card Now.

Link Aadhar Card with Voter Card through SMS-

You can also link your Aadhar with Voter Card by sending SMS to 166 or 51969.

Through Call Centre-

Government of India has provided the facilities to Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID. You can Call to Call Centers for any help.

Through Offline Mode-

In some cases, the internet facility is not available with people. Need not worry about this. You can contact you BLO (Block Level Officers)/ ERO/ AERO/ DEO or District Election Office for help to Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID.

EPIC Seeding –

ECI (Election Commission of India) has stated de-duplication of electors’ database by seeding the AADHAR Number against the Voter ID Card (EPIC) card. To Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card will help government to prevent fraudulent/ Duplicate/ Bogus/ Ineligible Voter ID Cards. ECI has started this process for GHMC Area with 24 Assembly constituencies and Nizamabad District. Later started in both Telangana & Andhra Pradesh States. In the future it will be covered around the country.

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