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Process to Open Aadhar Enrollment Center in Your City

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has started various Aadhar Centers for Aadhar Enrollment in various cities and towns in India. UIDAI has set up Permanent Aadhar Centers as well as Temporary Aadhar Centers in India.

Both Enrollment Centers are set up by UIDAI after following the necessary guidelines as per the norms.

If you are interested to open an Aadhar Card Center in your Area or City, you will have to read and follow the issued guidelines by UIDAI.

Who Can Start An Aadhar Center?

Aadhar Enrollment Center can be set up by Enrollment Agencies by the permission of UIDAI. The EA works for setup Aadhar Enrollment Centers across the country.

Who is Enrollment Agency (EA)?

Enrollment Agencies are set up the UIDAI for undertaking the demographic and biometric data collection for Aadhar Card Enrollment of Indian citizens. They work around the country.

Who is Involved in Setup of Aadhar Enrollment Center?

To set up an Authorised Aadhar Card Enrollment Center participation of below is necessary-

UIDAI (Unique Identification of India)

UIDAI provides guidelines to Registrar, verifies and approves the plans, provides certification of Biometric devices for setting up the Aadhar Enrollment Center.


The work of registrar is to identify the perfect location for Aadhar Enrollment Center. The registrar provides pre-enrollment data, prepares the Enrollment Station deployment plan.

Aadhar Enrollment Agency

The Enrollment Agency woks for setup the Aadhar Card Enrollment Center. The EA also arranges the required infrastructure to run an Aadhar Enrollment Center. The agency also arranges Staff including trained and certified operators and supervisors.

Steps to Setup an Aadhar Enrollment Center-

At first the Registrar identifies suitable locations for Aadhar Enrollment Centers, and actual number of Enrollment Centers required at the time.

  1. Regional Office (RO) of UIDAI approves the Aadhar Center deployment plan.
  2. Aadhar Enrollment Agency supplies Software and Hardware Devices which are necessary for Aadhar Card Enrollment of citizens.
  3. After then Registrar loads KYR+ Application and provides Residents’ Pre-Enrollment Data and Beneficiary Database. He also checks Pin Code Data for its correctness and completeness.
  4. UIDAI provides content to Registrar for awareness and publicity in citizens for Aadhaar Enrollment.
  5. Registrar and Enrollment Agency creates awareness among citizens for Enrollment of Aadhaar.
  6. Enrollment Agency ensures that how many Operators and Supervisors available in Aadhaar Enrollment Center.
  7. Enrollment Agency on-boards operators, supervisors and introducers (OSI).
  8. Enrollment Agency ensures the Aadhaar Center is ready.
  9. Registrar audits the Enrollment site readiness as per the checklist.
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